Casual Conjecture

Good ideas have to start somewhere. Before they get sourced and cited, expanded and elaborated upon, they are just ideas. That’s what conjecture is.

Every fancy theory, every sound hypothesis begins with an idea. And this is a place where some of those have been collected and made available.

Laoshan Park, Qingdao, China

What is this site?

Welcome to Casual Conjecture.

This is the primary blog and non-academic presentation space for Andrew Platt, PhD. Dr. Platt is an American expat living in China with his family where he runs an educational training center and thinks about things.

Dr. Platt is well-read and well-traveled with a number of experiences that contribute to a variety of ideas, some better than others. His background is in Intercultural Communication, Theology, Linguistics, and History, so many of his ideas fall into those areas. But don’t be surprised if you encounter things more random among these posts. Just about everything posted here, including media, originates in his household.

Me, in my office
Here I am getting ready to consume the seed of a smoking idea! Actually it’s a brutally cold corn puff, but who’s asking?

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Enjoy my site

And if an idea grabs your fancy, feel free to leave one in its place!

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Hiking Ci Shan, Yantai, China with son, Luke Platt