In a sermon recently, the Beatitudes were described as a counter-response to the sayings of some of the Rabbis of Jesus’ day who would stand up and begin with lines like, “Blessed are the holy, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Imagine, if you will, that Jesus answered them like this: 

And Jesus addressed the crowd saying (with a smile on his face).

“Blessed are

              The hole-y

For they get heaven. 

“Blessed are

              The people with holes in their hearts,

For those will be filled.

“Blessed are

              The people with holes in their courage,

For they will win.

“Blessed are

              The people with holes in their goodness,

For those holes will disappear.

“Blessed are

              The people who don’t make a big deal of other people’s holes,

For they will have their own holes filled.

“Blessed are

The people with holes in their vision through which they see what should be

For they will see God.

“Blessed are

              The people who stop others from poking holes in each other,

For people will finally know who sent them.

“Blessed are

              The people who get pushed into holes because they do what is right,

For they get heaven.

“Blessed are

              You, when people poke holes in you by thought or word or fist,

              When they shove you into holes because of me,

              Just like they did to Joseph and Jeremiah and others,

For you will be rewarded… in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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