Darkness (The Only Free Man, pt. 1)

This is the first of a multi-part set of posts on freedom and sin. Have you ever been caving?  Maybe you have been on one of those guided tours where they turn the lights off on you and forced you to experience pure pitch black for the first time in ever?  No starlight.  No ambientContinue reading “Darkness (The Only Free Man, pt. 1)”

Who Wants to Live Forever

Spotify played me a poem a few days back, A Kind Invitation by Tyson Motsenbocker.  In the poem, Death and Love are personified and visit a man in three episodes.  In the first two they go hand in hand but at the end Death sans Love comes to the man alone, revealing that in hisContinue reading “Who Wants to Live Forever”

Especially Fond of You

Papa meeting Luke at Christmas: From left, Annie (my wife), Luke (our adopted son), Papa, and Craig (our oldest). I was working in my office yesterday, Spotify randomizing music in the background while I tried to come up with ways to do things that I am not very good at (or at least that IContinue reading “Especially Fond of You”

In the Garden…

I heard a sermon not too long ago, one that stands in fine tradition alongside many similar sermons, in which the pastor went to considerable length to describe the agony of Jesus’ experience on the cross.  There were details concerning all the inhumanities the Lord suffered as he hung there, his body slowly failing.  HadContinue reading “In the Garden…”